The pain has kicked in and you aren’t able to make curtain movements.  First we need to check if there are any broken bones. Therefore, we need to take X-Rays.  If there are broken bone your medical doctor will need to refer you to a specialist.  If there are no broken bones, then it will be safe to continue with chiropractic therapy.

CT Scans

CT Scans are a more sophisticated x-ray machine that can take see further of bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside your body. If your pain continues to hurt and the x-rays cannot find the problem, your doctor will order you a CT Scan.


After a few weeks of therapy your body should be feeling better. If your body is still sore and is not responding to the therapy well, then your doctor will be referring you out to for an MRI.  This test will scan your body and structure of your organs.  Most personal injury cases the MRI will be scanning the bones, joints, and spines.

Bones and Joints – will scan cartilage problems, bone marrow problems, or torn ligaments or tendons.

Spine – will scan to check the discs and nerves of the spine for conditions such as spinal stenosis or disc bulges.